VoiceHER Friday Update

4 min readApr 30, 2021


Week 17 - April 30 2021

This week on the VoiceHER app we have had many emotional, strong, exciting, and interesting events. For the upcoming weeks, VoiceHER will post an update on, what’s new, features, events, interviews, and so on, so that you always stay up to date! For any new comers, let me give you a quick introduction on VoiceHER and what we do. VoiceHER is a Stockholm based startup and the world’s first audio based community for women and non-binary people. A supportive and inclusive community, where women get the freedom to empower themselves and others in a safe environment. By providing virtual audio based rooms, you can easily engage at the level you are comfortable at, create your own forums or start by listening to ongoing conversations.

This week, we have had daily sessions with women from all around the world. Some events that we would like to highlight include Full Moon in Scorpio, Becoming your best you — it’s not a secret, Founders Support, Skin Conditions, Creativity and the inner critic and Morning EFT Tapping. We have also come with new and exciting features in our app, whenever you are listening in on a conversation, and you feel like you want to show support, you can now add an emoji as a reaction to show how you are feeling. This was a highly requested feature to show love and appreciation for the speakers and the hosts. We have also introduced more interests-options to your profiles so that you can find similar interests with women from around the world, along with new moderating features that show whether you are a host, speaker, or listener. You can also follow other women in the app and get notified when they schedule an event, host a session, or open a room, this way you can build your network and never miss an event!

As mentioned, this week has been full with exciting events, one of which was held on the 26th of April at 8:00 pm with Sara Tiala where she spoke about the full moon in Scorpio. The upcoming full moon in Scorpio of 2021 is also a supermoon, bringing transformation and pushing us to prioritise protecting a sense of self-love and self-worth. Whether you see yourself as spiritual or not, these discussions with Sara allow you to learn new things and see the world through a different perspective.

The 27th of April at 3:00 pm, Connie Tuma had a heart felt session where she talked about Becoming the best you — it’s not a secret. Connie shared tips and answered questions on how to become the best you by talking mindset, stress, exercise, food, life, prayer, and so much more. This session was an open discussion, conversation was flowing and everyone in the room could get involved. Connie made everyone feel comfortable as she kept a loving and hopeful attitude, and she is definitely changing the world one woman at a time. Having a discussion is important to get everyone involved and push people out of their comfort zones, however, at VoiceHER we believe that it is also important when rooms go quiet. When there is silence in a room and no one is speaking, it isn’t as some might say, an awkward silence, but more a time for women to take in information and reflect.

Every Wednesday at 5:00 pm the founders of VoiceHER, Viktoria Elman and Sanna Dahlin, host a Women in business — Share & support session in the app where women can share their ups and downs at work along with growing their network, sharing, and supporting each other. Whether you are an entrepreneur ready to share your wisdom, or someone new to the business life looking for guidance, this session is an open space for females to feel comfortable.

Sara Tiala and Elin Lundström held a session where they discussed skin conditions April 28th at 7:00 pm. Skin conditions might be a topic that many people aren’t comfortable talking about, however Sara and Elin created this safe space for women to share their stories and normalize it. When asked the questions, what are your thoughts behind creating this event? How do you feel like the discussion went? Sara answered, “I have always felt embarrassed about not having smooth skin. By talking we begin to heal, reflect, and create new pathways of thinking and viewing ourselves. I just wanted to share my journey and let others know that they can share theirs; and that even when you are a 31 year old, it’s common to still have pimples and breakouts. I feel that the talk went great!” Elin replied, “After seeing the subject of skin conditions appear in the media, Sara and I talked about our own experiences. It’s not something I talk about that often, because it’s always been connected to an uncomfortable feeling. But talking to someone else with a similar experience lets you know that you’re not alone. So I wanted to give others a safe space to listen to each other’s stories and share their own. Let them know that it’s normal and that it is okay to talk about. I think the session went great, and hopefully encourages others to open up about their experiences.”

How do you make space for creativity in life and what is holding you back? Many times it’s our inner critic that keeps us from creating or showing our work to others. Creativity is such an important part of our lives, and Alexia Rahm and Anna Vogel answered all of your questions, concerns, and thoughts in their session Creativity and the inner critic April 28th at 12:00 pm. This was Alexia’s and Anna’s first session in the VoiceHER app and we hope to see them again soon!

This week has been full of exciting new updates, features, and events. We are so thankful for everyone who has spoken this week in the app and we look forward to many more sessions with wonderful women in the future! If you have not already, don’t forget to download the VoiceHER app and join us next week for even more heartfelt and fun events.




VoiceHER’s mission is to empower women and boost their self esteem by connecting them with professional female coaches. All in an audio-first safe space