VoiceHER Friday Update

4 min readMay 22, 2021


Week 20

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! This Friday update will be full of exciting sessions and events from this week. VoiceHER has started with live podcasts, where women are able to share their stories, bring perspective, give hope, bring healing, and change lives. This week we have had six live podcasts, and all stories have brought us closer together!

On Monday at 6pm, Adela Juras (Ada) and Dominika Radziun (Nika) talked about female empowerment in data. Ada and Nika discussed why it is beneficial to translate female empowerment into the language of science and economy and how it could help to bring more potential allies of equality onboard, what data says about the present and future status of female empowerment, what evidence-based improvements can be made to achieve gender equality faster, and how should we define our goals and if we should focus on structural solutions or be pragmatic here and now. This live podcast was eye-opening and extremely fascinating, Ada and Nika mentioned “I can make a good influence on this world”, and after listening to their podcast and their insights it is clear that just by having this podcast they touched many listeners and have made an imprint.

Tuesday at 12pm, Terezia has a live podcast where she spoke on how she pursued her dream founding the kids clothing brand Silly Silas after quitting her management position. Dedicating all her time to create a loved brand for babies and their parents while supporting the traditional local craft that is sadly and slowly almost vanishing.

On Tuesday at 3pm, an event called Stress Less, Live More was hosted by Connie “La Doc” Tuma. Stress is an emotional response to many situations. Connie shared what happens to our body when we stress and what we can do to stress less, and live more. As soon as women entered the room Connie invited them up on stage to create an open space for all participants to feel safe to share. Connie is an amazing speaker and got women to feel free to answer and ask questions and tell their stories around stress. This discussion shed light on how stress can physically affect the body along with the importance of finding a way to deal with stress. Connie said, “My mission is to change the world one women at a time”, and this event helped a lot of women. If you are living with high levels of stress, you’re putting your entire well-being at risk. Stress narrows your ability to think clearly, function effectively, and enjoy life. So if you experience high levels of stress, join Connie in her next session.

We had a live podcast with Yulia Arellano on Wednesday at 12pm where we heard about Yulias life story about trusting her intuition and moving to France, getting an emotional burnout and a sudden hospitalisation, and later on a life changing career path that so far, has been the best part of her life.

At 10am on Thursday Anne-Lie had a live podcast where she was interviewed by Sanna Dahlin and Viktoria Elman. Anne Lie is starting a coaching business that is primarily aimed at women and thinks it is time that we all take a large step forward in the right direction. They discussed the challenges in life and what can help us move forward.

Divya Hedge had a live podcast on Thursday at 1pm where she talked about a journey from google to garbage and all the lessons in between. She addressed ambition, burnout, and resilience.

Every Friday Emelie and Sanna discuss ADHD at 12pm, they answer questions, speak out of their own experience, along with listening to the stories and experiences of others in the room. This Friday Sanna and Emelie discussed ADHD and all the hobbies they’ve had, burned for, and just as quickly stopped doing. This was one of our best ADHD sessions yet, lots of new faces and an emotional, heartwarming, and amazing discussion that I think gave everyone goosebumps!

At 3pm on a lovely Friday afternoon, Elin “Teknifik” Häggberg held a live podcast where she told us her story about how a decision her parents made in the mid nineties affected her entire future, about her technology awakening and how she made her blog her full time job.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has opened a room, held an event, and had a live podcast this week! It has been an exciting week and we cannot wait for another week full of more events and live podcasts. If you have not already, don’t forget to download the VoiceHER app available in the App Store and Google Play, we look forward to seeing you there. The VoiceHER team wishes you all a wonderful weekend! ❤




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