VoiceHER Friday Update

3 min readJun 7, 2021


Week 22

Welcome back to VoiceHERs Friday update! This is where the VoiceHER team keeps you updated on the events we have had in the app, along with any new exciting features we have made to make the app as enjoyable as possible for you. This week has been great, with events, along with live podcasts. For those of you who may have missed it, last Thursday we came with a new update of the app. Some new features that come with this new update include a social feed with the ability to share voice recordings, where you can share your thoughts, reflections, and/or audio content with the community, the ability to add these voice recordings to your profile, and see the number of conversations you participated in on your profile .

For those of you who are new to VoiceHER, we are an audio-based social network that brings diverse women together for meaningful and supportive conversations. If you have any questions about how the app works, our community, our vision, and so on, our founders Sanna Dahlin and Viktoria Elman regularly host a Welcome Chat in the app to answer all of your questions. You can start a room using the plus icon on the bottom of your screen and invite them into your room to ask any questions you may have, along with the rest of the VoiceHER team.

On Monday at 8:30 am, Lili Öst held a session called, How do you change negative flow? with 5 hot tips on how to increase your energy! Lilli Öst is an artist, speaker, and life coach within NLP. This session was the perfect thing early on a Monday morning to get more energy.

Tuesday at 5pm, a dynamic duo, Callan Swaim and Elin Mendola, held a session called Mentorship & Sponsorship. This was a great session, an open discussion for anyone who was comfortable enough to speak. When the room opened and people joined, Callan and Elin asked the audience what their expectations were for the session, which is a great way to set the tone of the event and get everyone talking. Callan and Elin discussed how navigating in the space of mentorship and sponsorship can be challenging. They answered all of the audience’s questions and spoke from personal experience. Some of the topics they went through included; How do I find a mentor and how do I establish a successful relationship with my mentor? Can I have several mentors? What does sponsorship mean and how is it different from mentorship?

Elin and Callans session was amazing on Tuesday, and Elin Mendola came back the next day to host her own Live Podcast in the app on Wednesday at 12pm. In this podcast we listened to Elins story on how experiences in the workplace led her to face imposter syndrome. We got to hear about how it impacted her work, and how she dealt with it. It made her rewrite the script about the importance of women supporting other women. A quote from Elin, as she went through her story was, “It’s not bad to ask for help.”

We had another Live Podcast on Thursday at 11am with Rebecca Wilson. In this event, Rebecca talked about conscious conception, womb healing, and how to descend into femininity. Rebecca is many things, some of which include a mother, lover, alchemist, and author. A heartwarming chat about life and consciousness.

On Thursday at 6pm, Adriyana Adam also held an event called Going Back To Work where she talked on the topic of going to a new place, meeting new colleagues, and any challenges that one might deal with when going back to work.

Last but certainly not least, on Friday we had our weekly ADHD discussion at 12pm. This event is hosted by Sanna and Emelie. Last Friday’s ADHD discussion went so incredibly well, and this Friday was no different, it was open for 2 hours! The girls continued to discuss ADHD and finding recognition, learning from each other, and they talked about everything in between. The ADHD event is one of our best and most popular sessions. Even if you do not have ADHD, it is extremely interesting and heartwarming to listen in on these discussions.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has opened a room, held an event, and had a live podcast this week! It has been an exciting week and we cannot wait for another week full of more events and live podcasts. If you have not already, don’t forget to download the VoiceHER app available in the App Store and Google Play, we look forward to seeing you there. The VoiceHER team wishes you all a wonderful weekend! ❤




VoiceHER’s mission is to empower women and boost their self esteem by connecting them with professional female coaches. All in an audio-first safe space